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Sovereign-Revolution : Eridanus Pyxis by Aekamii Sovereign-Revolution : Eridanus Pyxis by Aekamii
EDIT : In return of her usage of dark matter, time and exsistence (Her main use of alchemy) She gives to balance; her sight of vision. She see very poorly through her only eye. And her exsistence. Failed to use this balance, SHE WILL DIIIIIIE Thank you for reading.


Name - Eridanus Pyxis

Age - 19
Birthday - July 26

Occupation - Leader of the East

Weapon - The alchemy circle carved on her hand and leg. Packs a few punches as well.

Nation - East

Personality - You wouldn't reall find her surronded by friends, she normally spend time in the library studying and even on a day-off she spends time still studying. Often, she is offered help but she insist to do everything by herself. Although she is very fond of young children, but they always run away from her, she really trys to smile, it's scary.
She rarely interacts with residents but stlil have strong determination to keep them safe and win the war.

Talents -
-Identifying each constellation and predicting the next arrival
-Crafts, sewing, knitting, very fond of origami she makes for children
-Studying habits

Likes/Dislikes -
Likes : *Fried Squid*, spending time alone, the night sky, cats, handy straight sticks you find once in a while, children, spicy foods, The East!
Dislikes : Bugs mostly spiders, the summer, pollen, dust, dirt (The East's ground is mainly concrete), loud noises, distractions.

History - Eridanus was born in a very wealthy family but suffered Glaucoma through her left eye, since doctors weren't advanced in health she was forced to have the eye removed. She was different than her older sister and brother. She wasn't very fond of playing with dolls like her older sister did, instead she took classes with her brother, being a ruler. Her parents then were leaders of the East and until they died her brother would take over. They were homeschooled so they lacked of human interaction. Soon there was a devisating time in Arcana were the prices were high and jobs were very little. The central king at the time was furious of Arcana and said that Arcana was a embarrasment and made the king's land land look poor And sentenced to kill the leaders of Arcana, including her parents and siblings. Being the only one in the "royal" family of Arcana she was forced to study even harder becoming a leader while her mother's sister (aunt) took over, until she grew weak and died. At this time Eridanus was seventeen, not quite an adult but that was all that was left of her family. Residents were worried and doubted her for being a young adult and trying to rule a region. They were wrong. She studied magic for many years until soon enough she didn't need potions. Magic ran through her veins and she was a high level in magic, enough that she could cut herself a alchemy circle on her hand and forced her body to let it stay permanently. She now is the leader of Arcana is the head of Magic Academy, teaching students to be as good as she could ever be.
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November 4, 2012
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